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The Interrogator
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Fedora Hat

The pretty model is wearing my current Akubra Stylemaster, obtained by mail order from Del Monico Hatter, in Connecticut
It's hard to imagine if you were born anytime after the early to mid sixties, but prior to then it was customary for men and women to wear hats almost everywhere when leaving the house and there is
My Biltmore Fedora.
probably no civilian hat that screams retro more than the fedora. Sadly, most of the fedoras made today simply don't live up to those of decades past, though a couple of makers make excellent ones.  My current fedora is an Australian made Akubra Stylemaster and it is quite frankly the very best one I've ever owned.  Like a lot of other people, I find Akubras are extremely well made, fit well, and hold their shape well. They are also quite light compared to many others. My only complaint about Akubra fedoras is that they don't have enough different models for my taste and a limited selection of colours. I've previously owned a Stetson and before that a Biltmore, both bought from Miller Hats in Texas, but the Akubra, right around the same price as the others, beats the both hands down.

Wearing my Stetson, which I felt shrank after a time.
I have to admit that I've never owned a Borsalino and I do hope to have one one day however I still find the price prohibitive and the quality of the Akubra is excellent for a lot less money. I purchased this beauty online from Del Monico Hatter in Connecticut, whose service is excellent, though it is also available from David Morgan Hats.  Akubra incidentally, makes an Indiana Jones type fedora as part of their line, with a wider brim and taller crown than most fedoras sold today would have. Miller Hats does too, but I find the Akubras look more like the ones Harrison Ford wears in the films. 

Me and my Akubra Stylemaster
If you don't want to buy mail order (it's always a bit chancy with hats) and you live in Montreal, then Henri-Henri on St-Catherine's street is your best bet for finding a quality fedora here. It's a excellentstore and the service is great; I've bought hats there myself in the past though never a fedora but I find the prices high, perhaps because they are the only hatters left in the city. But like I like to say:

"A guy without a lid ain't worth talkin' about."

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